By: Georgette Marcuzzi

HOME BUYING -Understanding the process Step #1

Tags: HOME BUYING -Understanding the process Step #1

So, you decided you want to buy a home or Condo. Fabulous and congrats for that realization. Now, Let's chat .. Can you afford it? What will it take for YOU to buy a place of your own.

The answer and process could vary depending on these 3 situations. Do you already have en exsisting home, and are you looking to upsize? Or downsize?  Are you are a first time home buyer?..

STEP 1- Let's start with the truth, the" wish list' for your dream home, is not always how you should proceed with the process. In most cases, you have to go where your money takes you ,and aim for the best value your money can buy. This isn't a bad thing at all. Especially for first time home buyers. Getting into the market is a great goal, only if everything else makes sense of course.

Any of the above senarios should start with consulting  a professional Realtor who will ask you several important questions and listen carefully, to help guide and advise you on the proper path. A continuation of step 1 with be your Realtor referring you to a mortgage broker, for a more indepth financial discovery on what you can afford and if you can afford buying at this time. Both extremely important and will set the path for your next steps.

Call us to start your step 1.. Helping YOU is what we do!